Temporary Filings

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Temporary Filings

From Walter Simpson's email on 20030531.


  • While the bill alleges it is a response to terrorism, none of the behaviors described in the bill meet that definition. Even the illegal activities enumerated are not the type of behaviors most people would regard as terrorist.
  • The bill's definition of "terrorist organization" is so broad that law-abiding groups involved in legal advocacy would be defined as terrorist.
  • Supporters of these groups, as well as activist members, would be guilty of ecological terrorism.
  • Candidates running for office on a humane and/or environmental platform would be guilty of ecological terrorism.
  • A reporter who visits a lab and writes a news story about misbehavior at that lab could be guilty of eco-logical terrorism by this bill's definition if he/she did not first get permission to visit the lab and if his/her story was regarded as defaming the operations of the lab.
  • The bill would create a statewide registry of eco-terrorist violators, thus treating environmental activists like sex offenders and other deviants, an insulting absurdity.

CONCLUSIONS:  This bill is not about combating terrorism in any meaningful sense.  It is instead about:

  • Criminalizing legal constitutionally protected activities.
  • Denigrating honorable causes - the humane treatment of animals and environmental stewardship.
  • Muzzling legitimate criticism and thwarting the democratic process.
  • Making a mockery of September 11 and the terrible pain our nation has felt as a result of that genuinely terror attack.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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