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[Another personal note-pad for raw thinking-out-loud and preservation of raw ideas.]

  • Neutral Cross-group Comparative/Competitive Analysis
    • Untapped silent latent-membership and latent-activists -- how do we find/reach  them and support their immediate needs?
    • A "Consumer Reports" of local activist groups
      • Precludes consensus development?
      • Frightened edgy market
      • Privacy foremost
      • Must support thorough browsing without self-exposure
      • Stop underestimating browsing prospects; expose what they want to know:
        - budgets and budgetary allocations
        - membership size (verifiable, distribution list size or some such)
        - prioritized issues
        - political flavor
        - religious flavor
        - socioeconomic flavor
        - activities and accomplishments
        - meeting places and property
        - officers (and staff if appl.) contact info
        - dues or fees
        - link to calendar of events
        - link to home page
  • Group Collaboration Support Tools
  • United Way Style Fundraising and Marketing Strategies
  • Techno-aversion Palliatives
  • Complex Document Development
    • Group Position papers
  • Group Voice and Telephony Communication Strategies
  • Optimizing Interactive IP Video Applications
  • Experiences
    • Fac/staff group developing letters to the editor
      • Sophisticated group with detail concerns.  Linear shared email thread with asynchronous submission of detail criticisms and specific suggestions for revision are not satisfactory.  The user is forced to construct and maintain complex detailed concept maps with high-volume nodes over periods of days in short term memory. 
      • Asynchronous multi-topic multi-level iterative refinement.
      • Solution Set
        • TIKIWIKI
          • Features: A GNU tool for Linux platforms.  Richly developed, recent graphic drawing tool addition.  Web based no-client design with rich inerface, although design is further along than operating functional content.
          • Follow-up:  Cost to implement and support admin ramp-up.  Alternative suggestions from Hank, Jeff, others?
          • Questions/Issues:  Reliability/stability.  Manageability.  Security.
    • Managing Discussion Lists
      • BuffaloPeacePeople - 2002/2003 
        • Service Provider:  Colleague, DBA, cost-offset for DBA business use, Linux box w/ IMAP, Mailman listserv, Apache Web, ACL's on Web pages/files, Web Email, generous and flexible usage boundaries.
        • Mailman:  No names associated with email addresses is a major functional deficiency. 
        • Group Formation and Flux
          • Reed/Metcalf gains from group support suggest high ROI
          • Since lists need to be maintained somewhere(?), it would be nice to do so in one place only.
          • Need support for self-vetting of  group membership
          • LDAP?
          • Group self-authentication and functional corollaries
            What tools exist now?  Need to authorize access to authenticated groups.  Group is authenticated by its members - possibly on-demand by any member or member's agent.  Group authentication challenges are presented to the group and an authentication token that includes current authorizations in included.   To save time, the most recent time-stamped self-authentication token is publicly exposed.

            Either the authenticable group ID or the desired group authentication token (or pointers/links) can be embedded in documents and files to control access rights.

            A single group self-authentication mechanism could govern access to virtually all resources without compromising privacy concerns?

            When presented with a challenge:
                - challenges from group only
                - review last token and apply additions/deletions
                - submit token with revisions to challenger
                    - maybe to entire group
          • Secure Communications
            • Variations on noisy channel themes?
              Groups maintain continuous-random-fill full-duplex channels that support a functional token ring without the latency of a logical ring.  A branching/collapsing tree connection topology, maybe.  Multicast branching nodes.  Data stream could be multiplexed across many simultaneous multicast steams in synchronized random subsets of available channels.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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