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Open Letter in Opposition to War With Iraq
February 17, 2003

Collected Signatures (255)

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# Name Department Status
1 Sandra L. Anderson School of Social Work Faculty
2 Josephine Anstey Media Study Faculty
3 Mark A. Ashwill World Languages Institute Staff
4 Amy Hayes Atkinson Law School Staff
5 James Atleson Law School Faculty
6 Nancy Babb Law Library Faculty
7 Joan Baizer Physiology and Biophysics Faculty
8 Warren Barbour Anthropology Faculty
9 Brenda Battleson University Libraries Staff
10 Helju Bennett History Faculty
11 Charles Bernstein English Faculty
12 Connie Beroza MCEER Staff
13 Cynthia Bertuca University Libraries Staff
14 Michele Ryan Bewley CAS Dean's Office Staff
15 Mary A. Bisson Biological Sciences Faculty
16 Marc Bohlen Media Study Faculty
17 Barbara Bono English Faculty
18 James Bono History Faculty
19 Anne M. Bouvier Arts and Sciences Libraries-Interlib. Loan Borrow. Staff
20 Charles Bowman Physiology and Biophysics Faculty
21 Carrie Tirado Bramen English Faculty
22 Lauren Breen Law School Faculty
23 Hank Bromley Educational Leadership and Policy Faculty
24 Gerard Bucher Romance Languages & Literatures Faculty
25 James Bunn English Faculty
26 Thomas Burkman Asian Studies Faculty
27 Marcus Bursik Geology Faculty
28 Josť F. Buscaglia Romance Languages Faculty
29 Susan Cahn History Faculty
30 Erin E. Cala UB Green Office/University Facilities Staff
31 Jorge Canizares-Esguerra History Faculty
32 Patricia Carey General Education Program Staff
33 Ann Casady Art Faculty
34 Nina Cascio Law Library Faculty
35 Kara Chapman Academic Affairs Staff
36 Jan Charles-Luce Communicative Disorders and Sciences Faculty
37 Millie Chen Art Faculty
38 Diane Christian English Faculty
39 Iris Cintron Women's Studies Staff
40 Douglas Clements Learning and Instruction Faculty
41 Janice Cochran Health Svcs/Wellness Ed. Svcs Staff
42 B. Beth Cohen Psychology Faculty
43 Mary D. Cohen Social & Preventive Medicine Faculty
44 Jim Collins Learning and Instruction Faculty
45 R. Lorraine Collins Research Institute on Addictions Staff
46 Kevin V. Connors Architecture Faculty
47 Tony Conrad Media Study Faculty
48 Catherine Cornbleth Learning and Instruction Faculty
49 Mecca S. Cranley School of Nursing Faculty
50 Robert Creeley English Faculty
51 Ollie Daniels History Staff
52 Andreus Daum History Faculty
53 Tim Dean English Faculty
54 Jean S. Decker CTS/University Libraries Staff
55 Patricia Dennis Computing & Information Technology Staff
56 Robert Knox Dentan Anthropology Faculty
57 Roger Des Forges History Faculty
58 Alexis DeVeaux Women's Studies Faculty
59 Jean Dickson University Libraries Staff
60 George Dillmann Academic Affairs Staff
61 Sharon Dittmar Nursing Faculty (Em)
62 Patricia Donovan Office of News Services Staff
63 Stephen C. Dunnett International Education Faculty
64 Ellen Dussourd International Student & Scholar Services Staff
65 Terry Dychowski Law Library Staff
66 John Edens Libraries Staff
67 Arthur Efron English Faculty
68 William Egginton Romance Languages & Literatures Faculty
69 William Evitts History Faculty
70 Sara Faherty Law School Faculty
71 Gaspar Farkas Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Faculty
72 Beth Fellendorf DEVO Staff
73 Shonnie Finnegan University Archives--Emerita Staff
74 Thomas Frantz Counseling and Educ. Psychology Faculty
75 Rebecca French Law School Faculty
76 Michael Frisch History Faculty
77 Ronald V. Gaczewski Art History Staff
78 Sarah Gaffen Oral Biology Faculty
79 James A. Gardner Law School Faculty
80 Francis M. Gasparini Physics Faculty
81 David Gerber History Faculty
82 Joseph L. Gerken Law Library Faculty
83 Shubha Ghosh Law School Faculty
84 Maureen L. Glenn Law Library Staff
85 Ellen Goldbaum News Services Staff
86 Nathan Grant English Faculty
87 Patricia Gratz Asian Studies Staff
88 Jill Hackenberg UB Libraries Faculty
89 Alexander Halavais Communication Faculty
90 Stephen C. Halpern Political Science Faculty
91 Diane Hardy International Education Services Staff
92 Jon Havey School of Social Work Staff
93 Nan L. Haynes Law School Faculty
94 Cindy Hepfer Health Sciences Library Staff
95 Dennis Higgins Pharmacology Faculty
96 Kathi Hilbert School of Nursing Staff
97 Christopher Hollister University Libraries Faculty
98 James Holstun English Faculty
99 Bernadette Hoppe Women's Studies Faculty
100 Bradshaw Hovey School of Architecture and Planning Staff
101 Susan Howe English Faculty
102 Georg G. Iggers History Faculty (Em)
103 Bruce Jackson English Faculty
104 Tamar Jacobson IDPSS Faculty
105 Maureen Jameson Romance Languages & Literatures Faculty
106 Monica Jardine Women's Studies Faculty
107 Andrew Johnson Art Faculty
108 David E. Johnson Comparative Literature Faculty
109 Emily Johnson Social Work Continuing Education Staff
110 Lauri Johnson Educational Leadership and Policy Faculty
111 Glendora Johnson-Cooper University Libraries Faculty
112 Clare Kahane English Faculty (Em)
113 J. Patrick Keleher Newman Centers @ UB Staff
114 Janet Kiefer Accounting & Law Staff
115 Melanie Kimball Library and Information Sciences Faculty
116 Katja Kliemann Anthropology Staff
117 Meg Knowles Media Study Staff
118 Caroline Koebel Media Study Faculty
119 Carolyn W. Korsmeyer Philosophy Faculty
120 Kathleen A. Kost School of Social Work Faculty
121 Zoe Koston School of Social Work Staff
122 Marilyn McMann Kramer University Libraries Faculty
123 Linda M. Kunz, PhD Romance Languages and Literatures Staff
124 Michelle La Voie University Libraries Faculty
125 Jack Larkin History Faculty
126 Ann Marie Lauricella Teacher Education Institute Faculty
127 Ute Lehrer Urban and Regional Planning Faculty
128 Emanuele Licastro Romance Languages & Literature Faculty
129 Domenic J. Licata Art Staff
130 June Licence American Studies, retired Staff
131 Michael Lichter Sociology Faculty
132 Xiufeng Liu Learning and Instruction Faculty
133 Paul A. Luce Psychology Faculty
134 Jeannette Ludwig Romance Languages and Literatures Faculty
135 Mark Ludwig University Libraries Staff
136 Arabella Lyon English Faculty
137 Ruth Mack English Faculty
138 Carine Madrodossian English Faculty
139 Lynn Magdol Sociology Faculty
140 Susan Martin Law School Staff
141 Lynn Mather Law School Faculty
142 Maryanne L. Mather Dentistry Staff
143 Amy K. Matikosh Sub Board I, Inc. Staff
144 Gregg S.Maxwell Law School Faculty
145 Patricia Mazon History Faculty
146 Martha McCluskey Law School Faculty
147 Ellen McGrath Law Library Faculty
148 Jack Meacham Psychology Faculty
149 Errol Meidinger Law School Faculty
150 Dr. Ruth Meyerowitz Center for the Americas Faculty
151 Barbara Mierzwa School of Medicine Staff
152 Richard Milgrom Urban and Regional Planning Faculty
153 Mary F. Miller Law Library Faculty
154 Suzanne Miller Learning and Instruction Faculty
155 James G. Milles Law School Faculty
156 Melissa Miszkiewicz School of Dental Medicine Staff
157 Debra Kolodczak More Media Study Faculty
158 Kim L. Morrison Arts and Sciences Libraries Faculty
159 Abir Mullick Architecture Faculty
160 David Myrow Psychiatry Faculty
161 Sue Neumeister University Libraries Faculty
162 Wade Newhouse Law School Faculty (Em)
163 Bernice Noble Microbiology Faculty
164 C. F. Norgren Theater and Dance Faculty
165 Yoshiko Nozaki Educational Leadership and Policy Faculty
166 Vincent O'Neill Theatre & Dance Faculty
167 Christian Onikepe Romance Languages & Literature Faculty
168 Rose Orcutt University Libraries Faculty
169 Piya Pangsapa Women's Studies Faculty
170 Mijeong Park Asian Studies Faculty
171 Jodie Pearson School of Social Work Staff
172 Marie Peterson University Libraries Staff
173 Stephanie L. Phillips Law School Faculty
174 Peter Pitegoff Law School Faculty
175 Jessie Poon Geography Faculty
176 Serafino Porcari University Libraries Faculty
177 Rekha Prativadi Facilities Planning Staff
178 Gail Radford History Faculty
179 Samina Raja Urban and Regional Planning Faculty
180 Laura Reilly Law School Faculty
181 Paul Reitan Geology Faculty (Em)
182 Beth Rheingold Media Study Staff
183 John Rickus Center for Fine Arts Staff
184 Dorothy Rissel Learning and Instruction Faculty
185 Mary Robilotto History Staff
186 Bernard Roddy Media Study Faculty
187 Mary Ann Rogers Law School Staff
188 Pamela M. Rose Health Sciences Library Staff
189 Gerry Rosenfeld Anthropology Faculty
190 Renee Ruffino College of Arts and Sciences Staff
191 Pat Ruggiero University Libraries Staff
192 Julie Sarama Learning and Instruction Faculty
193 Patricia M. Sarchet Health Sciences Node Staff
194 Clair Schen History Faculty
195 Nancy Schiller Arts & Sciences Libraries Faculty
196 Elizabeth Schimert Santillo Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy Staff
197 Peter J. Schmelz Music Faculty
198 Lynda H. Schneekloth Architecture Faculty
199 Joseph Schneider Law School Staff
200 Sue Schroeder Teacher Education Institute Faculty
201 Thomas L. Schroeder Learning and Instruction Faculty
202 Michelle A. Scott Romance Languages & Literatures Staff
203 Margaret A. Shannon Law School Faculty
204 Patricia Shelly Gender Institute IREWG Staff
205 Othman Shibly Dentistry Faculty
206 Jacqueline C. Simon Art Staff
207 Walter Simpson UB Green Office/University Facilities Staff
208 Karen L. Spencer Law Library Faculty
209 Rachel C Stack Development Staff
210 Elaine Stathopoulos Communicative Disorders and Sciences Faculty
211 Phil Stevens Anthropology Faculty
212 Charles L. Stinger History Faculty
213 Frederick W. Stoss, MS, MLS University Libraries Faculty
214 Joseph Stressinger Enrollment and Planning Staff
215 Steven Sturman School of Social Work Staff
216 Roberta (Robin) Sullivan Walkway Technology Node Staff
217 Mohamed Sultan Geology Faculty
218 Bill Sylvester English (emeritus) Faculty
219 Joseph C. Syracuse College of Arts and Sciences Staff
220 Carolyn Taggart Women's Studies Staff
221 Hesham Tagouri Periodontics and Endodontics Faculty
222 Leonard Talmy Linguistics Faculty
223 Karen J.S. Tashjian, AIA Architecture Faculty
224 Warren Thomas Industrial Engineering Faculty (R)
225 Tamara Thornton History Faculty
226 Suzanne Tomkins Law School Faculty
227 Mai Tong MCEER Staff
228 Maurizio Trevisan School of Public Health and Health Professions Faculty
229 Cheryl Tubinis Law School Staff
230 Susan Udin Physiology and Biophysics Faculty
231 James A Ulrich iMedia/ASCIT Staff
232 Paul Vanouse Art Faculty
233 John E. Vena Social and Preventive Medicine Faculty
234 William K. Wachob School of Nursing Staff
235 Mary Ann Wachowiak Law Library Staff
236 Steven Wallace Office of the Vice Provost Staff
237 Diane Ward Libraries Staff
238 Bernadette Wegenstein Media Study Faculty
239 Lois Weis Educational Leadership and policy Faculty
240 Claude Welch Political Science Faculty
241 Elizabeth A. White International Education Staff
242 James O. Whitlock Computing & Information Technology Staff
243 Cherie Williams University Libraries Staff
244 Dorothy Woodson University Libraries Faculty (Em)
245 Brenda Wright School of Social Work Staff
246 Olga Xenodochidou Romance Languages & Literatures Faculty
247 Jason Young History Faculty
248 Lauren Young Institutional Analysis Staff
249 Paul Zarembka Economics Faculty
250 Luis E Zayas Family Medicine Research Institute Faculty
251 Rev. Patrick J. Zengierski, Ph.D. Newman Center Staff
252 Diane Zigo Learning and Instruction Faculty
253 Jodie Zolnowski Poetry/Rare Books Staff
254 Marcia Zubrow Law Library Faculty
255 Kelly Zuch Law School Staff



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