Setting aside our differences to work together
for peace, justice and sustainable living for all.

Supported independently by WNY citizens.

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For more information, to help with this site or to help with collaborative efforts, send an email to editors@BuffaloPeacePeople.org or organizers@BuffaloPeacePeople.org.

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BuffaloPeacePeople Home Page without Explanations


About Buffalo Peace People - Who we are and what we're trying to accomplish.

Calendar of Events - A regional peace activism calendar in the making.

Organizers Network - A site devoted to supporting regional activists and organizers with shared collaborative interests in peace and human rights activism.  Some or all of the pages may be closed to anyone but active members.  The Organizers' Network Contacts page, however, will always remain public.

Organizers' Network Contacts - A list of contacts for the Organizers' Network and the organizations with which they're active.  A complete list of all organizations represented by the Organizers' Network members is also provided.

UB Faculty/Staff for Peace - A site devoted to supporting a new faculty/staff peace activist group at The University at Buffalo.  The group is open to all those interested in peace activism in higher education regardless of their institutional affiliation or faculty/staff/student status.  Some of the pages may be closed to planning group members.  The UB Faculty/Staff Contacts page, however, will always remain public.  Announcements of meetings and activities are distributed over an open subscription email news listserv.

WNY Peace Information Clearing House - An outline of what will be an attempt to create a one-stop clearing house for information about peace related activities and sources of information for all interested people in Western New York.  If you think there's something important that's missing, please take a moment to send it along to the editors for evaluation and inclusion.  [Only the site outline and a calendar link are active at this time.  20030101 -- ed.]

Useful Links - For now, this is simply one of the editors' unsorted holdings.  ATP, we'll build a more comprehensive and better organized set of pages.  If you have links yu would like to see included, please forward them to the site editors.

Personal Pages - Sharing Our Journeys With Others - Personal page sites for any local activists wanting them.  Too often we think we're alone with our concerns and efforts.  Write about your awakening and travels; share a bit of your journey so that others may be reassured or inspired.

Site & List Change Log - Brief notes on changes to the site and email discussion lists


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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