Notes on Recruiting - 20021226

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Jim Whitlock

I think we should propose candidate additions to the existing group membership before actively recruiting but I also think we should all be aggressively recruiting/seducing new representation. 

Part of the inherent beauty of what we're doing, I think, is that it doesn't need any formalities. We're just a group of serious members of our respective organizations and communities, hoping to capitalize on each others’ shared interests on points of unity.  There are no dues, fees or documents to sign; a board of directors does not need to vet our participation. We may come to have expenses but they should always be reduced in magnitude or increased in yield when we can act on common interests together. And we all know that we can do disproportionately more together than alone.

What an exquisitely simple but powerful concept!

I'm now on the approach path to:

  • The Sierra Club
  • The UB Newman Center
  • UB's Campus Ministries 

I'm now seeking:

  • Empathetic Jewish organizations
  • Empathetic contacts at theater and art forums
  • Empathetic contacts organizations that are largely or entirely female
  • Empathetic contacts at healthcare professionals' organizations
  • Empathetic activists with IT skills including telephony, IP video, 
    Web design and maintenance, and collaboration tool support 
  • Empathetic volunteers to complete some simple but helpful field 
    . This might require 3-6 hours total time investment over 
    about a month. No particular skills are required.

Please post any concerns or comments either direct to, direct to any of our contacts, or to our group at:  Blunt comments are the only worthy kind.  


Not In My Name
James O'Connor Whitlock
Bitsy's Dad
Buffalo, New York

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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