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Site and Discussion-List Change Log

20030131 06:52 AM -0500: I just haven't been able to get to this.  And its value remains unclear to me.  Here's a site log that shows page modification history.  Maybe that's better than nothing.  Easy to produce.
20030106 08:55 PM -0500:
The bpp-organizers list is now up-to-date and active.  Rosters have been circulated and the traffic has started.  I gave much thought to list settings, and in particular those related to security, open-ness, and the like.  It's now a closed list, un-moderated, with member-access-only archives, but with email addresses hidden even from members.  I expect to use that as a template for other closed groups.  While others have in the past suggested that completely open lists may be best, I'm thinking about using closed lists for even on-way news distributions; people who want to can always send a subscription request to the list with the expectation that the administrator will approve and act on those whose bona-fides appear to be in order.  I also like the news/discuss moderated/un-moderated coupling I've seen proposed elsewhere. 
20030106 08:45 PM -0500: It's not clear how useful a site-change log will actually be.  I seem to be making changes and updates throughout most days and nights.  Trying to track all of them seems more work than it's worth.

20030101 03:20 AM -0500: Continued restructuring to eliminate redundant information, to simplify navigation, to improve clarity and to build detail.  I think the basic directory structure is reasonable now and should remain stable.  ACL controlled directories are next along with the bpp-ubfacstaff-planning list and general news & discuss lists.  jow
20021230 03:11 PM -0500: Restructured site trying to respond to some of Hank's good criticisms about clearly separating the Organizers' Network (ON) site identity from BPP.  Continued restructuring to reduce URL lengths and improve organizational clarity.  Started making use of mailto URL syntax to improve email links.  Continuing to collect links for the ON Draft Planning Calendar.  Started adding descriptive text to lists of email discussion lists.  Activating the bpp-ubfacstaff-planning list should be next.  jow
20021226 01:52 PM -0500: More general revisions to entire site completed.  Pitt article added as HTML page on open source meeting added, recruiting pages added, expiration tags added to all pages for refresh issues... and on and on.   jow
20021226 02:43 AM -0500: Revisions to entire in-gestation site completed.  Calendar, contacts, techie-stuff, Rally-stuff, personal pages, etc. updated and uploaded.  jow
20021226 01:35 AM -0500: bpp-organizers, bpp-editors, and bpp-listsubscriptions updated to <Reply-To-Poster>.  jow



"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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