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[This personal page site is being constructed and maintained by close friends of Bill Marx until such time as he is home again and in a position to develop it himself.  Please forgive us in advance: we love him dearly but could never begin to do justice to the heart and soul that pours out of him all the time.  Be patient and you will have him back soon -- and then he'll shape these pages himself.  -- jow]

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Bill Marx, of Derby, near Buffalo, NY, founder of the local Pax Christi Chapter, recently retired President of the Better Business Bureau of WNY and Manager of Member Relations for the Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce, now part of a  delegation about to leave on a peace-making journey to Iraq sponsored by Christian Peacemaker Teams.  Bill departs on February 1 and will return to us on February 15.  Bill's journey is inspiring Notes from Our Hearts to the People of Iraq in addition to loving and supportive notes directed at him personally.

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Special Requests

  • 20030130 Bill urgently asks that you write letters to your government representatives.  In his own words: "I'm going to Iraq and three peace loving persons have been arrested.  Would you PLEASE just phone &/or fax the President, Senators Schumer & Clinton and your Representative to express YOUR position on the threatened war . . . regardless of what the President says tonight.  Please, your voice must be heard!  If not you, who?"  Indeed, it is the silence of our friends we will remember with sorrow.  See Bill's entire note.

  • 20030130 February 1, Buffalo:  Rally to support Bill on his departure on a Peace-Making Journey to Iraq.   Please help show your support and attend a departure rally at the airportHis departure flight is United flight 7111 departing at 2:40 PM.  Bill will  arrive at the airport about 12:30 PM.  Television crews are expected.  Bill asks that any signs, posters or banners you bring be devoid of hints of anger and/or violence.  See the calendar entry for complete and up-to-date details as they are refined.

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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