About Buffalo Peace People

Setting aside our differences to work together 
for peace, non-violence and universal human rights for all. 

Supported independently by WNY citizens.

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For more information, to help with this site or to help with collaborative efforts, send an email to editors@BuffaloPeacePeople.org or organizers@BuffaloPeacePeople.org.

Who We Are:
The editors of and contributors to this site are all residents of Western New York.  We each belong to one or more activist groups or organizations.  Whatever our primary interests in life and activism may be, we share common interests in supporting any efforts by anyone to promote peace, non-violent conflict resolution, and universal human rights for all.  

Over the last few months, a number of us became increasingly concerned that the efforts of the various individual activist groups we belong to and/or work with have been severely mitigated by our collective failure to collaborate more effectively in planning, promoting and supporting each group's activities -- at least insofar as they are related to shared peace activism objectives.  The organizing group for the recent Peace Rally in Lafayette Square on December, 10, 2002, grew out of that concern.  By the day of the Rally, the group included activist and organizer representatives from several diverse WNY groups including:  Buffalo Forum, Green Party of Erie County, IAC, International A.N.S.W.E.R., Iraqi House, Western New York Peace Center, and Workers' World.  That group is now the Organizers Network, and it continues to grow and to express interest in continuing collaboration on points of unity within the WNY peace activist community.

The peace related information sharing and collaboration needs of our community, however, are larger than those of the active organizers themselves and all such needs benefit from on-line collaboration support tools like Web sites, email discussion lists, document sharing facilities, and secure email accounts to name a few.  The public has no single place to go for peace related information and activities in our region, there are several new peace activism groups being organized and needing IT support, and some of our existing groups have no on-line facilities of their own.  As well, some of us think it's important for any people who are ready to stand up resolutely for peace to have some place where they can share their personal experiences and hopes.  And some individuals who become active organizers will need things like email accounts for organizing work that are not associated with their normal businesses and are not hosted on free (and freely mined for commercial SPAM) email sites.  

A small number of active supporters and organizers from several of our regional activist groups have banded together to try to satisfy as many of those needs as our time and resources allow.  

That's what Buffalo Peace People is.  We're not an organization.  We want no dues or fees.  We have nothing for anyone to sign or join.  We're a small group of local activists setting aside our differences to work together for peace, non-violence and universal human rights for all.  We are supported independently by private citizens of Western New York to promote and support information sharing and collaboration among all citizens and activist groups within our region on points of unity.  To contact any of us, send an email the editors and, if your enquiry is at all serious, you'll get a prompt reply.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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