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20030201, To Bill from Bill Wachob

From:      "William K. Wachob" <>                                                         
To:           [Bill Marx]
Sent:         Saturday, February 01, 2003 10:49 PM
Subject:    Note to Bill Marx

Dear Bill,

It was good meeting and talking with you after the Dave Robinson talk at
UB last week.  I admire what you are achieving and the love and peace you
are living and expressing, and wish you godspeed on your journey to Iraq.
 I am sure you speak for millions in carrying messages of peace and
goodwill from we who live in the United States.

Here is a power affirmation of truth which I hold in mind for you on your
journey.  I hope it will be a comfort to you wherever you are and
whatever you are doing

The Light of God surrounds me (or us),
The Love of God enfolds me (us)
The Power of God protects me (us)
The Presence of God watches over me (us)
Wherever I am (we are), God is.

All the best,
Bill Wachob

20030131, To Those Who Care from a Friend of Bill's:
 The first solicitation for Notes From Our Hearts to the People of Iraq.

From:       James O. Whitlock
To:           Those Who Care
Cc:           Bill Marx
Sent:        Friday, January 31, 2003 2:09 AM
Subject:   URGENT: Re Bill Marx & Iraq: Ask your children, ask your schools, ask ...

Ask your children, ask your schools and ask your student and adult friends to write
notes to the people of Iraq who Bill Marx will meet in his travels.  Ask them to say
whatever the love in their hearts inspires in them to those who have suffered so
much in our names.  My own such note is already framed in a note I published to Bill
on his new personal pages at;  I'll post a version of it to the
new pages of Notes from Our Hearts to the People of Iraq that Iím building now.
I will publish everything I receive that arrives with a subject line that includes
"of Iraq" (as in "To the People of Iraq" or "To the children of Iraq") on public Web
where Bill can easily see them and share them as he will best know how
with the Iraqi citizens and dignitaries he meets on his way.  The only requirement
for publication will be that the contents of the note entirely reflect the profound love
for all living people everywhere that Bill expresses, on all our behaves, in making
his perilous peacemaking journey. 
You may also send me messages to be published directly to Bill, to encourage him
and lighten his heart.  Please include the phrase "To Bill" in the subject line of those
(as in "Note to Bill").  All notes to Bill will be published on the Email pages already
started at
along with any material Bill sends back to us.
If the date of composition is not included by the author, I'll add it to each published
note before it goes on-line.  If you want to include an index line with a summary of
what inspired you to write, I'll publish that too.  If not, I will create one from your
name and the date composed.
Wherever the Web pages that emerge wind up living, there will always be links for them
on Bill Marx's personal pages or the home page at  This could
turn into an enormous and influential American heartfelt outpouring, my friends, please
help it on its way.  Help stir ever more hearts out of silence by helping your loved ones
and their friends share theirs.
Thanks & Regards,

                                        Not In My Name
                 James O'Connor Whitlock
                                            Bitsy's Dad
                                       Buffalo, New York
             -- Cell: (716) 698-1232
          "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed 
               citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it's the only 
                           thing that ever has."
  Margaret Mead
         "In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies
          but the silence of our friends."  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

20030131, To Friends of Bill from Another such Friend:  A note from one of Bill's close friends to his own friends soliciting notes from their hearts for publication -- both  to Bill and to the People of Iraq who have suffered so much in our names.  Explanations of the nature of his new personal pages and procedures for staying in-touch and informed are also presented.  For those not on the local lists used for this distribution, this note may serve as a framing reference for much of what we're now trying to do.

From:      James O. Whitlock
To:          Friends of Bill Marx
Sent:       Friday, January 31, 2003 2:33 AM
Subject:  URGENT: Personal Pages, Requests, and List Subscriptions -- to Friends of Bill Marx

Friends of Bill Marx,
[In the event that this is too long for you to be able to read
now, please save and read it later.  As a friend of Bill's, you
may also want to immediately jump down to the last paragraphs
and consider subscribing to the new bpp-news list that I'll use
to forward messages from him to all of us while he's in Iraq.]
Bill Marx leaves for Iraq on Saturday, on a courageous journey
of the heart and on all of our behalves.  I know that many of
you love this man as much and more than I do.  And I know that
many of you have far bigger hearts than mine and far more
eloquent voices for expressing that love.  Please take the time
now, before he leaves on his perilous journey, to share some
of your own feelings with him; to reassure his own heart; and to
let him take a few small bits and pieces of all of us with him
to share with the people of Iraq.
I have published a crude beginning of personal pages for Bill at
a BuffaloPeacePeople personal page sites like those I offer to
all.  My own pre-departure note to him is already posted there.
Bill wanted to get started with the site before he left as one way
of staying in touch with us.  He expects to send emails to me for
publication on those pages for his friends. 
He also believes as I do, however, that one of the most important
things that we can each do is to reveal and share with others the
most intimate and private tides that move us to do the things we do. 
In so sharing, we believe, others still silent amongst us may find
small phrases and images that resonate with their own souls and
that help them take the first steps on the unstoppable journey to
finding their own voices, rising resolutely, and joining with us, as
they must if we are ever to succeed.
Bill did not have the time to learn how to craft his own Web pages
before his departure and it may be awhile before he has the time
to do so once he returns.  In the meantime, I've offered and he's
agreed to simply have me do the best I can to present what I think
he would want presented -- in a manner befitting what I know of his
most personal, deeply-held and governing spiritual beliefs.
I will publish anything you send to me, exactly as you send it or as
you may specify separately.  You may include or attach photos, text,
pdf files, Word docs and even digital video, if that's your preference.
Whatever it may be though, I ask only -- and I'm certain Bill would
concur -- that it speak from your heart alone and that you try to find
the core of love within you before you raise your voice.
Bill will have occasional access to Internet communications and will
be able to read and see whatever you offer him, even if he does not
have time to respond to each and every message. 
I'm asking Bill, by way of a copy of this note, to check the site
before he leaves for the airport on Saturday.  Since it may be some
time before he has Internet access again, now would be a good time
to offer your best wishes and any messages you want him to carry to
the people he meets along his way. 
I'll try to see that anything I receive by midnight Friday is posted for him
to see in the morning.  I'm taking another day off Friday to continue
working on the site, however, and would greatly appreciate receiving
your transmissions as early as possible.  But please don't hesitate to
express yourself to him or to the people heíll meet even if you can't make
his departure deadline;  I'll continue this effort as long as necessary.
You may either send material direct to me or to Bill with a cc: to me for
publication.  If I receive copies of messages directed to Bill from anyone,
I'll assume they're intended for publication on his personal pages.  If that's
not the case, and you share something with me just for my own benefit as
one of his loving friends, please be clear about that early in the text of the
Bill's personal pages are indexed at:
and may be accessed directly at:
And please consider building and sharing personal pages of your own.
They do move people.  I've seen the results already. 
Finally, and with little forethought or discussion, I've decided to activate
the public bpp-news list and to use it, for now, exclusively to retransmit
messages from Bill while he's traveling in Iraq, to all of us.  Giving Bill the
exclusive use of the list will eliminate any need on his part to maintain
private distribution lists for messages of general interest to all of his friends
and supporters back home. 
Please take the time now to subscribe so you can stay informed as he
travels.  Clicking the link below, filling-in the information on the form
presented, and replying to the email confirmation request you receive a few
minutes later is all that's required.  You'll be sent a private password that
you can use to change subscription options or to unsubscribe at any time.
If you need any help, please feel free to ask me directly.  Subscribe now at:
Thanks & Regards,

                                        Not In My Name
                 James O'Connor Whitlock
                                            Bitsy's Dad
                                       Buffalo, New York
             -- Cell: (716) 698-1232
          "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed 
               citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it's the only 
                           thing that ever has."
  Margaret Mead
         "In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies
          but the silence of our friends."  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


20030130, To Bill:  Last pre-departure note from a loving friend.  The voice-message reference and text inclusion refer to a Voices of the People project now being discussed by several local activists.  Expect to see an experimental Web page and project description at BuffaloPeacePeople soon.

Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2003 3:55 PM
Subject: A personal farewell note

My Dearest Bill,
I will see you on Saturday but know and appreciate that in many ways
you are already far along on your courageous journey -- distant from us
even now.  Know that you take an important piece of my own heart with
you, dear friend, and that you will always live within it and inspire it as
few others before you ever have.
Carry my own love of, hope for and commitment to peace and justice for
all to the good people of Iraq you have the pleasure to meet.  I now know
what I can and will say in a voice message, once the upwelling of my tears
of angst subside, to those we have oppressed and harmed so severely: 
I cannot ever begin to make up for or to atone for the losses you have
suffered from my Nation's behavior in my name while I looked the other
way;  I can and do, however, commit to raise my voice in opposition
and to invest my greatest energies and heartfelt love in efforts to inspire
others to find their own voices and work with me; and to continue to do
so with all the strength and courage I can find within me, until we start to 
redirect our Nation's heart and actions to caring and loving ends for all. 
Before my God, who loves us all and inspires my own for you, you have
my word on this. 
All my love goes with you, Bill.  Highest Regards, God Bless and Godspeed,

                                        Not In My Name
                 James O'Connor Whitlock
                                            Bitsy's Dad
                                       Buffalo, New York
             -- Cell: (716) 698-1232
          "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed 
               citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it's the only 
                           thing that ever has."
  Margaret Mead
         "In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies
          but the silence of our friends."  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

20030128, From Bill:  Pre-departure note to Pax Christi Members & Friends and accompanying Press Release.

Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 2003 8:08 PM
Subject: Whitness to Iraq

Dear Pax Christi Members & Friends:
       So much has been going on, and I apologize for not being in closer contact.  The attachment is my press release about leaving for Iraq on Saturday.  The media has been most responsive to date and have given me several opportunities to "preach" the gospel of nonviolence to their audience.
       Channel 2 aired our interview at 6 PM tonight.  Channel 7 will air theirs at 11 PM.  WBFO FM 88.7, NPR Radio will air their interview tomorrow morning at 5:33, 7:33 & 9:33 AM.  If you have the capability to record CH 7 or WBFO, please do so & send me an email so I can so advise the associate who is gathering the whole story for an electronic documentary.  (Wow!  What big words.)
       Channel 7 will be at the airport on Saturday to film my departure.  Several peace activist friends are planning to be there for the impact this might have on the community.  I'd love to see those of you who can be there.  I will send you the flight number and the time Channel 7 is expected as soon as I know.  The flight leaves at 2:40 PM and I expect to arrive at the airport about 12:30 PM.
       Because of my preoccupation, we missed a successful Civil Disobedience demonstration at the Lafayette Sq. Recruiting Office.  Three of the young "peace activists" from among us were arrested for attempting to convert the recruitment office into a peace office.  On the day of the President's State of the Nation talk, both events are in my opinion well timed.  People are beginning to realize that it is ok to oppose the plans rush to war with Iraq.
       I'm going to Iraq and three peace loving persons have been arrested.  Would you PLEASE just phone &/or fax the President, Senators Schumer & Clinton and your Representative to express YOUR position on the threatened war . . . regardless of what the President says tonight.  Please, your voice must be heard!  If not you, who?

Peace & love,

War may sometimes be a necessary evil.  But no matter how necessary, it is always an evil, never a good.  We will not learn to live together in peace by killing each other's children.
  Former President Jimmy Carter, commenting as he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize



"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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